Antibiotic Therapy

This IV infusion of antibiotic, antiviral, or anti-fungal drugs, is used to treat infections that do not respond to oral medications. Infectious diseases occur when the immune system fails to kill pathogenic microorganisms that grow within the body and cause disease. 

Antibiotic therapy can be provided safely in the home. Home administration of antibiotic therapy is particularly beneficial for patients who require long-term antibiotic therapy or have chronic infections not treatable with oral agents. We can coordinate all home care needed to make this the best situation for each patient.

Inotropic (Cardiac) Therapy

 When orders are received by the physician to provide home inotrope therapy, PCI will provide the medication, pump and supplies needed to administer the therapy safely and effectively in the patient’s home. The ongoing monitoring by our clinical staff includes (but not limited to), lab trending, weights, monitoring signs/symptoms, side effects, and vital signs as reported. Findings are discussed with the physician as weight fluctuations or side effects may change inotrope dosing. We are committed to providing outstanding care for every patient. 

TPN (Parenteral Nutrition)

TPN  (Total parenteral nutrition)  is a way to receive a specialized form of food through a vein. Its goal is to treat or prevent malnutrition. It is typically used for people whose digestive systems either can't absorb or can't tolerate adequate food eaten by mouth. At PCI, we have pharmacists that have over 30 years TPN management. They focus on giving the patients back the quality of life they long for. 


 Immunoglobulin Therapy is the use of a mixture of antibodies to treat a number of health conditions. These infusions can be lengthy and we will make sure the patient is comfortable and the therapy is as simple and convenient as possible. 

Specialty Drugs

 When you have a chronic or difficult health condition, like multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis, you may need specialty drugs. This requires special handling, administration or monitoring. It also more likely that it will require special approval. We will handle the authorization and make sure your benefits are maximized. 

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