GLP-1 Prescription Weight Loss Medication: Compounded Semaglutide & Tirzepatide Injections

Semaglutide is a type of medication called a GLP-1 receptor agonist. It works by acting like the GLP-1 hormone released in the gut after eating. GLP-1 helps increase insulin production, which lowers blood sugar levels. It also affects the brain to decrease appetite and make you feel full longer.

We compound and dispense both semaglutide and tirzepatide injections directly to patients. We also work with physicans and nurse practitioners and also ship patient specific medications to their clinic/office.

How to Choose a Supplier for
Semalgutide and/or Tirzepatide?

Here are 4 Determining Factors to Help you Choose:

1. Product


We compound and dispense compounded semaglutide with B12. We add B12 to the formula for its various health benefits. Each pharmacy or manufacturer has their own formula and uses various ingredients to make this medication- not all compounded semaglutide medications are the same!

There are various benefits of B12 to beng added to the formulary. B12 may  boost your energy levels, may benefit your brain and memory, May improve mood and symptoms of depression, Helps with red blood cell formation and anemia prevention, etc

2. Place


We are a sterile compounding pharmacy and make the medications at our USP 800 modular room.  

FDA is aware and is investigating reports of counterfeit medicatons being marketed in the U.S. The FDA therefore urges patients to obtain GLP-1’s and other prescription drugs only from state-licensed pharmacies, where FDA and state authorities can assure the quality of drug manufacturing, packaging, distribution and labeling.


3. Price


We are able to use quality ingredients in our formula and yet offer very competitive prices to patients!

Following the production of the medication at our facility, we conduct thorough in-house testing before sending it to an independent laboratory for further evaluation. While this entails additional production costs, we prioritize the safety and potency of the product for the patient. We feel that it is our responsibility to deliver a safe and potent product to the patient.

Our prices for the starter dose of compounded semaglutide (0.25mg) start at $79/month for 4 weekly injections!  Many patients have shared that they are consuming fewer meals, resulting in a reduction in their grocery and dining expenses. They feel that this pays for the cost of GLP-1 medications!


4. Personalization


Our pharmacies have been around for many years and we have a track record of providing personalized service for patients. We are dedicated to ensure patients are not treated like a number.  You can reach us any time:  Tel: 817-993-5448, Text: 682-300-6993, or email:

We also have a Facebook Support Group for more information including Q&A, Testimonials, and Updates:

The Next Steps…

A prescription is required to obtain these medications. This is because a physician needs to ensure that you are a good candidate for these medicatons.  A patient has the option to visit their own doctor and obtain a prescription. The other option is that they can talk to a telemedicine doctor by phone/video at their convenience. The cost of this visit is just $50 for the session. If you have health insurance, the telemedicine visit can be billed to your insurance and it wont cost you for the session! 

To get started, visit: and choose a convenient date and time that works for you! Be sure to include in your form that you want your prescription sent to “Physicians Choice Infusion Pharmacy” (or “PCI Pharmacy”) to ensure that you will get our special pricing!

After the pharmacy receives your prescription, our pharmacy will reach out to you to coordinate delivery of your medications!

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